Our eye tracking package provides an easy-to-use, quick eye tracking setup for tracking gaze. You can be up and running with your eye tracking experiment in minutes.

S2 Eye Tracker

Easy Eye TrackerThe S2 Eye Tracker is a portable hardware device that sits just below the computer screen. It calibrates almost instantly and holds calibration extremely well, allowing it to work consistently across subjects. It runs on the Windows OS.

The system supports casual head movements, and provides a distraction-free test environment that ensures natural behavior, and therefore valid results. Accuracy is achievable within the range of 0.5 to 1 degree, ensuring reliable research results.

Its ease of use and setup means that the S2 Eye Tracker is accessible to anyone with minimal training.

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Viewer Software

Viewer is a simple-to-use program for recording an eye tracking session. Viewer works in the background and creates a video of the screen, overlaid with red dots for tracking the eye, showing exactly where the user is looking at that moment in time. It can also save the eye gaze data as an XML or CSV document for simple processing by a custom application.

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Tracker API

The Tracker API provides a simple way to interface with the S2 Eye Tracker. The Tracker API requires no software download whatsoever. You can access the API documentation below and begin integrating with any other application that supports TCP/IP for data communication and XML data structures.

Using our API, we’ve published our Mirametrix Toolbox for MATLAB. The toolbox lets you access eye gaze data inside MATLAB.

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